Reasons You Should Embrace SMS Marketing Right Away


The majority of adults worldwide can communicate via mobile phone text messages. Evidently, sms omni communication marketing for enterprises is characteristically different in its ability to reach a wide customer base and elicit very desirable reactions. The possible conversion rates for sms promotions are always impressive–just be sure to target only “opt-in” potential customers.

Your marketing campaign should include sms tools for reasons such as:

SMS Marketing is Direct and Immediate

Text messages are some of the most direct communication methods available. It’s always easy and direct to tell where your sms is going and when it arrives if the target is online. In most cases, sms arrives immediately, with 97% of recipients reading it in 15 minutes of delivery. Primarily, sms is uniquely effective because of its high conversion rates. It’s a reliable channel for sending those time-sensitive promotions to your existing as well as prospective customers.

You Can Use of Simple Shortcodes

You could leverage easy shortcodes as opposed to the usual phone numbers to shorten user responses while you build your prospects database. Typically, potential customers should be making the first move toward sms messaging, but you have to give them a shortcode via promotional activities including using print collateral, billboard ads, advertisement, and social media. This technique enables prospective customers to internalize your brand’s shortcode and keyword, making it easier for them to engage and respond.

You Can Integrate it With Other Channels

It’s necessary for all the media integral to your communication platform work together, including sms. SMS stands out because it can yield an impressive outcome as a standalone channel, while it’s also capable of enhancing promotional activities such as via social networking and email marketing. A good example of using sms is reminding potential customers to check out an email you sent them a little earlier or more than 24 hours before. What’s required here may just be a simple prompt, “have you checked out our email?” What you’re trying to do here is prop your email marketing using sms, with the possibility of boosting email read rates by 30%.

You Can Research Your Customers Using SMS

SMS is an effective resource when you need to obtain customer feedback through surveys. Some studies indicate that 31% of recipients will reply sms survey questions received. Their average response time is about 5 minutes. As such, you may certainly rely on sms to study your customers, discerning them in a short period.

You may start using sms marketing right now for a chance to interact directly with your customers. More than 90% of the recipients of your sms messaging will read it, which translates to high value leads.

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