Business Messaging: How it Affects Business Growth


We are at such a time when there are global changes in numerous industries as a result of advancements in the use of mobile devices and applications. Researchers have proven that the mobile market has a huge potential to outdo that of the presently highly regarded internet marketing by a huge percentage. 5 billion people own mobile phones, and the numbers are increasing each day with a large percentage acquiring smartphones. Consequently, companies using business sms marketing in the form of messaging have the potential to reach a larger population since it is not limited to ones who own mobile phones alone.

The most obvious advantage of SMS messaging is cost-effectiveness. Instant deliverability is also a core characteristic that stands out among others. While other methods of passing messages from a business to the clients are slow, SMS is instant and only takes a few seconds. However, a business that wishes to use it as its communication tool must ensure that it has a large list of clients or telephone numbers to message.

Business SMS marketing is also remarkable for being a flexible platform. For example, a business can prepare personalized messages to every customer, or they can create unique message to different groups of customers who have been sorted with their mobile phone numbers. Any time a business uses SMS as a way of passing customer notifications, more people receive and read the message, hence, this can be used as a better platform for communicating about current offers that are short-lived.

Compared to other modern methods of marketing or communicating information such as the use of emails, sms marketing has a higher open rate. People who ignore new messages on their phones are very few compared to ones who read all messages they receive. As a result, there is a higher rate of subscriber action when using SMS platforms. As a matter of fact, numerous businesses conduct surveys via SMS platforms and the results are generally outstanding.

A look into how people generally react to information passed by companies or businesses via different platforms shows a certain pattern or reaction. In general, long adverts are not attractive or engaging, and the same case applies to messages that are written in so many words. With SMS platforms, businesses get limited length of characters to use, and this is beneficial since they have to compose clear and short messages that will interest the clients. In summary, the rigidness of traditional businesses in selecting only a few traditional channels to communicate should end to create room for SMS platforms and other contemporary methods that are improved.

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